Grass Seed

Grass seeds.

Before you go out and buy the seed for your new lawn, you need to know what sort of grass seed you need that will do the job that you need it to do. So ask yourself this basic question, what do you need your grass to be able to deal with?

To answer that you need to consider the climate that you live in, is it warmer or cooler, whether you will have youngsters running and playing on it, is the lawn to grow in a shady area or are they likely to be any really dry spells, with little or no rainfall.

Answering these basic questions will mean that you grow the right type of grass, that will give you joy for years to come, so let’s take a look at some seed types, that are available on the market to buy.

  • Fine grass or premium lawn seed. – This is superior quality grass seed mix; it produces fine leaf rescue grass. With this seed type your lawn will be a deep green in color, and is the very best in quality. It won’t stand up to the rigours of the family though, or the constant trampling by small children.
  • Muti purpose or standard lawn seed. A mix of rye grass and fescue grass seeds this lawn seed is ideally suited to family use, it is hardy, durable and looks good too. It’s also great for filling in any patches that may appear.
  • Shade tolerant mix. – Specially mixed to cope with those shady areas around trees and bushes, it is a mixture of fine grasses and rye grasses. It will grow successfully where other grass seeds would fail.
  • Fast acting Seed.- if you need to grow a lawn quickly this is your choice, producing lush results in as little as ten days, this mix of rapidly growing rye grass is ideal. Particularly useful if you need to reseed any bare patches.
  • Drought Survival Seed. – For a lawn that receives little or no rain fall and experiences hot spells of summer sun, this mix has been created to withstand extreme weather conditions. With this type of seed you lawn will stay greener for longer in drier climates.

So you can see if you choose the right type of grass seed to do what you need it to do, and you know how to seed your lawn you are ensuring that it will be completely functional and great looking.

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